The 500th Post. Kiss me.

Let's look at the number 500. What does it mean to you? Let's see.

500 is more income that I, a SAHD, make in a year. That's messed up. The 500th fact of Chuck Norris (as confirmed by google) is that Chuck Norris can eat just one Lays Chip. Maybe you are a racing fan and the number 500 brings to mine two very special races. 500 is the number of hairs left on my head, if I'm lucky. 500 is an area code for "Personal Communications Services." I don't know what that means.

But 500 is also the number of posts, including this one, that I have written. Today, for your enjoyment, I have picked some of my favorites over the past 3 years. Some you have probably read, some you might have missed. Some I like just because I think they are weird (Hoss I am) and some I still think are funny as all crap (Star Trek Support Group.) Some seem to really take me back to where we were in our lives and I think that I like those the best. And some are just my two kids wrecking shit.

It's hard going through 500 posts that I have written and picking favorites. It was a hard choice because I actually like a lot more than I have linked down below. But I can't very well go back and read everything in one night. However, I encourage you, my readers, to post in the comments some of your favorite ones as well. Let's share the wealth.

Flat Tire. The one that started it all. This started as an email and I was encouraged by my wife to start writing. Thanks honey!

Hoss I am
. I don't even know how to explain this one.

Team Beer. An oldie but a goodie and at least one of the Team Beer blogs had to make it.

Star Trek Mondays. The day Little Hoss became a Trekkie. She'll deny it later.

My Mancard. Another one that I don't even know how to explain.

I've Got a Secret to Tell.
Not a single blog that I have ever written has been more true.

Her First Day Home.
This is why I have always felt that the decision to be a stay at home dad was a good move for my family. And Little Hoss wrecks havoc.

At the Mother In Laws. One of my favorite jokes but it got me in SO much trouble. I still say it was worth it.

Ode to Grecian Led. I just think this rhyming post is funny. It's based off a true guy that I know.

Controller. Bubba Hoss finally catching up to Little Hoss in the destruction department.

The Price of Adult Conversation. Destruction on a level that I didn't think was possible.

Star Trek Support Club. One of my all time favorites. I remember laughing my ass of when I was actually writing this.

Bar Song Night Night. I think this one is sweet.

Appropriate for Work Blog. Because sometimes you just have to say Fuck You. Also, people really got into this one.

Rocky II vs. Thomas the Train. A special moment between father and son.

A Little Boy and His Trains. The most fun I have ever had writing a blog post.


  1. Wow. 500 posts. That is like . . . a million posts. congrats, you daddying/writing fool.

  2. i made the list. i made the list. i made the list woo hoo

  3. I made the list. i made the list I made the list woo woo
    (You're in trouble again mister)