What follows is a two part piece that I normally wouldn't write. I wouldn't write it because I don't like debating and I don't particularly care for politics. But this was a little experiment that I thought was worthwhile. The other part of this post will be up Friday and I hope you'll join me then as well to wrap this thing up.

And also, I want to thank both Hossmom and Papa Scrum as my "debate coaches." Hossmom loves to debate, sometimes lives for it. She takes the philosophy that the debate isn't over until you are sitting in the corner crying. Seriously, she is relentless. Her whole family does this. They will sit around and talk for hours and hours while I walk away to go watch some Star Trek.

Papa Scrum has a knack of explaining points of view in a way that you can easily understand and digest it. He is patient with questions, detailed with answers and never talks down to you. They both helped a lot during the process of this two part blog and deserve my thanks.


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