Ode to My IPOD

O Space Lord, Mother Mother, the hate still shames me.
I don’t want to waste my time, become another casuality of society.
I am off to find the hero of the day, but they still try to break me.
Excuse me while I tell you how I feel

I got 99 problems but the bitch ain’t one.
Standing in the rain, with my head hung low, I couldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold out show.
I never conquered rented games, 16 just held such better days.
You’ll be sorry when I’m gone.

In your head, in your head, they are dying
Zombie, Zombie
I wonder why she hung around this place
I got sunshine in a bag, I’m useless, but not for long the future is coming on.

I’d never thought I’d die alone
Give all my things, to all my friends.
I want to love somebody, I really need somebody to love.
I hear the train a’ coming, it’s rolling around the bend

But wait! I am the Astro-Creep, more human than human
I somehow, someway, keep coming up with funky ass shit every single day
I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head.
I got my head shaved, by a jumbo jet

This entire ODE was from song lyrics on my Ipod.

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