A Govermental worker and his Stamp

In governmental work, there is one tool that is used above all others. To us, it’s like the Rosetta Stone. It is the Excalibur to Arthur, the grail to Jesus, the Ho to Pimp. It’s my certified, 100% authentic, governmental stamp. I have named it. Mine is named Thor, so that it can bring down the thunder.

This is my stamp. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without me, my stamp is worthless and without my stamp, I am worthless.

My stamp is roughly the size of a paperback and very well balanced. It is the new 10 seris, complete with a nice, form fitting rubber handle. With this thing, I double, triple and sometimes just go medevil on the mound of paperwork on my desk. I had a special belt holder built so that I could carry it around my office to stamp away injustice that I see. I have only one color for my stamp, but it is the color of God. Black ink, nice consistency, smear proof baby, that’s the way I roll.

With this thing I can make or break careers, change lives forever and resurrect the dead paperwork. When I’m lazy, which is often, I can talk to my stamp and it will accept me unconditionally. There is no judgement from the stamp, no sass talk. Only acceptance that it will do my bidding. Don’t call down the power of Thor stamp, it may delay the processing of your paperwork 6 to 8 weeks.

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