Where Should A Little Girl Sleep

Where, oh where, should a little girl sleep?
What kind of place should the sandman creep?
It should be somewhere safe and somewhere secure.
Some place that offers a special kind of allure.

She starts by asking what would a normal child do?
A normal child aged one, perhaps even two
They probably would want a nice big bed
Like the queen size one where she currently rests her head

But wait, when has she been normal at all?!
When has she conformed, ignored the wild-things call
No, no, no a bed certainly won’t do
Especially for a child older than two

She needs some place majestic and grand
Some place she can call Little Hoss Land
Some place high, where she can say her prayers
Some place exactly like... the top of the stairs!

Where she can overlook everything going on
Where she can manipulate each and every little pawn
Where she can scream and yell and call down the thunder
And fire the cannons mateys, where’s me plunder!

But just at the top of the stairs is not very nice
It needs a certain princess quality, her only true vice
With the proper accompaniment of her grand royal court
And a little red ball, for throwing and sport

It hits her head, this idea that she thought
The perfect accessory, nothing borrowed or bought
Into her room she runs, she shouts with glee
And then she remembered, she really has to pee

Out she comes towing her little brown box
The perfect place to sleep, she’s sly as a fox
At the top of the stairs is where it must go
And in it she climbs; every finger, every toe

She nestles in pulling her little blanket tight
She grabs her “everybody” and it feels just right
She’s got Austin from TV and her little pink shoes
And it just wouldn't be perfect without a Barbie or two

Now this is just fine and just her style
Perhaps she’ll try to stay awake, for just a little while
But try as she might, her eyes begin to shut
All the scenes are done, the director has yelled 'cut!'

Off she goes to dream what little girls dream
About ponies and candy and making little brothers scream
About Melman and toys and Daddy’s homemade kite
About the perfect place for a little girl to go night, night.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you were a poet too! Fantastic! Love the pics of lil hoss! Does childhood get any better than this?

  2. One more thing, I actually found myself calling my son "bubbaHoss" the other day. It just literally slipped out of my mouth! That's how often I read your blog!

  3. Wow, what a good poem! You really are a great writer. I like the pictures! It is amazing the positions and places that children can fall asleep in! Can you imagine being an adult and falling asleep like that? Only if alcohol was involved.