The Friday Five

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop What You Are Doing and Follow This Blog.

5. "I'm not internationally known but I'm known to rock the microphone." See, I just quoted some very early rap. I'm old school, biatch.

4. My mom started reading this blog. You see all the cussing and bad grammar I got in this thing? That's right, I'm the bad boy you've always wanted.

3. My fragile ego needs constant reassurance that I don't suck and that I do matter to the world. It's all on your shoulders now, good luck with that.

2. Little Hoss made a shank out of her toothbrush and has promised to cut me like a vato if I don't get my shit together. She's serious man, you don't see the look in her eyes, she's serious man.

1. If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you? Of course you would because deep down we are all lemmings and want to follow anybody to anywhere. So why not follow me? I promise we'll make stops at strip clubs and laundry centers.


  1. Good reasons, although I follow you because I need this laugh everyday! You are hilarious and a much needed break for me.

  2. Okay, you win...I will follow...just because I don't like the idea of anyone getting shanked with a toothbrush.

  3. Shanking leaves scars. Chicks dig scars. Chicks dig guys that follow this blog and have scars.