The Friday Five

5 Greatest Things That I've Heard All Day

5. "You're all stay at home dads? That's so great!"
Yes, it is great. And you're hot. Just throwing that out there, seeing what happens. Gotta love the Mom Groupies.

4. "Kung-Poo!"
That's what my 2 year old son says when he starts jumping on the bed. He'll do this for 20 minutes at a stretch and one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

3. "Let's check out the combine."
That's right, a huge combine. It's those big tractor things that you see plowing corn. Except this one we got to climb in. My yard is not as big as this thing and yet I want one.

2. "Funnel Cakes Sold Here."
Thank you little baby Jesus.

1. "Bacon Doughnuts."
There has never, ever, in the history of the spoken language been a sweeter sentence than that.


  1. How about Count Chocula cereal,...the best cereal ever made. I remember growing up you always ate yours out of huge tuppaware bowls. You were even funny back then!

  2. Bacon doughnuts! I missed bacon doughnuts? That's the last time I miss a dads' outing where fried food is involved!

  3. Digging your Friday Fives...between the funnel cakes and donkey balls, I am hooked. Will keep reading...

  4. My husband thanks baby Jesus for everything. Some chairs that we didn't want anyway flew out of the back of his truck never to be seen again and he said baby Jesus did it for us. Maybe baby jesus should send you both some bacon doughnuts.

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