Ground Control to Major Tom

Tower. This is Little Hoss 6225 requesting pre-flight check, come back.
Tower, do you read?

Little Hoss 6225, this is tower. We read you 5 by 5, go ahead.

Preparing to launch from the top of the stairs, need clearance, over.

Ah, Little Hoss 6225 hold on a sec, we are showing a wingman on your 6. Can you confirm over?

That's a ten four Tower. Wordsmith 33 niner is on my six. She'll be joining me on today's flyby, over.

Wordsmith 33 niner you said? Didn't she recently tell Parental unit 545 that "you are stupid?", over.

Affirmative tower, she did tell parental unit 545 that he was a few cards short of a full house. That's why she'll be flying with me today, over.

Good Christ Little Hoss 6225. Don't you think you get into enough dogfights by yourself that you don't need that around, over.

Stuff it Tower, Wordsmith 33 niner is my wingman and unless you want a fat lip you'd be advised to shut that piehole mister!

That's a Roger Little Hoss 5225, shuting piehole. Continuing on to pre-flight.
Running radar on Parental units 545 and Parent Hoss 53. We have them both on the couch watching Sportscenter. Can you give us a visual confirmation, over?

Roger Tower. I can see both parental units sitting on the couch watching sports. They're not a problem in today's flight, over.

Why is that, over?

Tower, both fathers went and saw the midnight showing of Wolverine and didn't get to bed until 03 hundred. Wordsmith and I both woke up at 5:30 this morning. Both parental units are the walking dead tower, over.

Good job Little Hoss 6225, we got to take advantage of every opportunity. Continuing flight check, over.

Roger, Roger Tower, go ahead, over.

Are you currently wearing sweatpants as to get maximum slippage down the stairs, over


Do you have a complete disregard for your own safety as well as those around you, over.


Are you currently on top of the 20th stair ready to slide down on your booty, over


Do those same stairs come to an abrupt end right next to a wall, over


Please verify lack of vomit bags to catch any and all breakfast that may come up during flight, over.


Ok Little Hoss 6225, you and Wordsmith 33 niner are clear for takeoff. Have a good one girls.

Roger that Tower. Preparing for takeoff. Tell my mom that I loved her.


Hold on Little Hoss 6225, hold on! We got an inbound bogey at the bottom of the stairs! It looks like it is Bubba Hoss 887 closing fast! Over! Over!

Say again Tower?!

Bubba Hoss 887 is closing fast. I say again, He's closing fast! Can you avoid him?!, Over!

That's a negitive Tower. We have already begun our run and we can't shut this puppy down now, over.

Abort! I say again, ABORT!

No can do, Tower. This baby was born to run and run it does. Whatever gets in the way just ends up in my jet wash.

Little Hoss 6225, can you read? Little Hos 6225, can you read? Wordsmith, can you get a visual on Little Hoss 6225?! Wordsmith?

Little Hoss?


Little Hoss?


Tower, this is Little Hoss 6225 reading you loud and clear, over.

Oh thank god. Are you ok Little Hoss 6225?

As good as could be expected, Tower but it's going to be a long afternoon, over.

Clarify Little Hoss 6225?

Parental units didn't appear to be as dumb as we thought they were. Bubba Hoss was snatched by the collar at the last second and I ran into Parent Hoss's hand knocking me silly. Wordsmith tried to outrun Parental Unit but was snared, over.

Where are you now?

Proceeding to timeout Tower. Should be back in the seat in about 10 minutes, over.

Roger that Little Hoss 6225. See you on the flip side, over.

Communication ended.................


  1. runway has been closed

  2. Little Hoss 6225, this is Tower. We have begun a rescue mission. Contact's call sign is Uncle Bricksalesman. You should identify him by the amount of sugar and presents he brings you. It may take a while, but he'll get to you. Just hang in there!