A short break

Not much I can say today as once again, I have the flu.

This massively sucks and I'm a little preturbed that this is the second time I've gotten it on a month. Hopefully, I will be back writing in a day or so.

Until then, everyone look to the right of the post and you will see a link to the Bloggers Choice awards.

The Hossman family has been nominated for Best Humor Blog and Hottest Daddy Blog. I'm not sure about that last one as it makes me sound like a Chip n Dales dancer, but hey, you got to make the money somehow.

Click on the link and give me a vote. Then tell all your friends to vote for me. Then go back to work and send out an email and tell all those people to vote for me. If anyone gives you resistance, tell them that it is what Jesus would want.

Maybe I should lay off the religion jokes until the flu has passed, that's not really good karma.

Currently, I have 1 vote. That's right, I voted for myself. I find no shame in this and freely admit it. So lets make this respectable and atleast get me a top ten finish. I promise, I'll take you all out to dinner.

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