The Friday Five

5 things that I do that Hossmom thinks is weird or quirky yet she chooses to ignore them and love me anyway. Let's face it, everyone has thier quirks, these are just mine.

5. Sunlight makes me sneeze. It's a genetic thing. For about 25 years I thought this was normal for everyone until one day I walked outside and said to Hossmom "Hold on, I need to sneeze." She saw me look up at the sun and sneeze. At that point, she may have realized that I am not a normal human being. It took a good two hours to explain to her why I sneezed. I'm photo sensitive. It's a true thing, look it up. I could do it right now if I wanted to. You just look at the sun and turn your head a little bit. When the sun catches you in the corner of the eye, you sneeze. I thought it was true for everyone. Apparently it's not. Since then she gives me weird looks.

4. I don't sleep with any blankets in the summer. Why you may ask. Because Hossmom generates heat like a radiator. To use blankets would surely cause me to ignite into flames because of how abnormally hot she is.

3. When buying a newspaper, I never buy the one on top. I always take the second one. The reason being that everyone has already thumbed through the top paper and thus jacked it up. I do not want a jacked up paper. I want a clean paper that is nicely folded. I do not to share my newspapers either.

2. I don't use straws. I hate them, they drive me nuts. I told Hossmom it's because the soda is colder when I drink it right out of the cup. She can't seem to understand that the soda loses some of that coldness in the .2 seconds that it takes to go through a straw. I tell her that I can taste the difference. She tells me I need to see a shrink.

1. I won't eat fast food fried chicken. Not because it's unhealthy, which it is. But because I worked cooking chicken when I was 16 years old for 3 months. That's it, 3 months. For the next 15 years of my life I didn't have another piece of fast food chicken. You don't want to know why man, you just don't want to know why.


  1. re: #5, its not weird. I do it too. I didn't know it had a name until now though. "my name is niki, and i'm photo sensitive" thanks hossman, i feel so much better having admitted it.

  2. I've heard of people sneezing in sunlight. Everybody has their weird quirks. My sister gets the hiccups when she drinks alcohol. And I don't take the newspaper, book, food product, or anything that is in the front, either. I don't want something that everyone has touched.