Daddyshome, Inc

I want everyone to sit down for a sec. Sit down because if you don't you are going to fall over once you read this.

Daddyshome Inc is the national organazation for stay at home dads. They put on a convention (it's awesome) every year and try to bring together all the stay at home dads. I am part of a "movement". I prefer the term pioneer if you don't mind and on my future statue, lets see if we not sclupt the gut.

They have just launched thier new website. As part of this website they have a blog. They have asked me to be Blog Editor.

Close your mouth Micheal, we are not a cod fish.

That's right, I'm the editor so stop laughing. Ok, laugh a little. Go ahead and make the spelling and grammer jokes. I don't mind, it's part of my charm. But remember, I have power now. I am an editor and therefore can crush you. Well, maybe not crush you but I can make fun of your hairstyle in a public forum!

Click Here for the site, check it out when you have a moment. I'm actually pretty excited to be a part of something like this. I have a blog that is written but won't be posted for a couple of weeks. Hossmom has read it and stated that she "had to run to the bathroom before she peed herself." I like that kind of endorsement.

We will have 8 columnists, including myself, who will write on different aspects of the SAHD life. And once I get my ass in gear we will also have guest bloggers who will write to. Do you want to be a guest blogger? Got something to say? Let me know about, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Enjoy the new site and remember to support Hossman in all his endevors as your leader.


  1. Awesome site! Congratulations! What a good outlet for all you SAHDs.

  2. Please tell me someone is getting the cod fish reference. I laughed my ass off on that one!

  3. I got the codfish reference! Its a Bedknobs & Broomsticks quote right?

    maybe you should make papa scrum your right hand man...proofreader.

  4. Nope, at least I don't think so. It is from a Disney movie though.

  5. Mary Poppins.
    Papa Scrum's SIL