The Vote

Everyone gather 'round and take a knee. Come in tight, we are family here.

I have been asked to talk to you all today. More like ordered, but still, I've got to give a speech. I've got to give a speech because I am a motivator, and today that's what I'm going to do.

There comes a time when each of us, each and everyone of us, has to look at ourselves in the mirror. You can't avoid it. You can't let the fog from your 30 minute shower cover it forever. Eventually you have to look at that person in that mirror. And when you look at that person, and they stare back into your soul, what's going to go through your head?

Maybe you shouldn't have stolen those pens from work. Maybe you should have actually tipped your waitress more than 2 bucks on a hundred dollar dinner. Maybe you shouldn't have taken all that Halloween candy from those poor defenseless children. But you did. Yes, you did all of that.

And looking in that mirror you are reminded of all those things. You are reminded of the college roommate and the look in his eyes when he found out that you threw the last of his oranges off the balcony of your apartment. It didn't matter that you were drunk, you still did it. You are reminded that in 5th grade you leaned over to get a book under your desk and you farted so loud that the teacher actually had to stop her lecture. You are reminded that Angelina won't return your letters that you spent so much time on cutting out the words from magazines. Why won't she write you back?

You are reminded of all your failures when you look in that mirror. And it's hard to look, isn't it. It's almost gut wrenching. How? How could you fall so hard? Is there no redemption for our pitiful souls, for our past transgressions.

There is redemption my brothers and my sisters. Can I get an Amen?

Yes! There is a way back to the light. There is a way but it is not easy.

Do you know why you failed? Do you know why you fell short of that image in your head of who you should be? I'm here to tell you, I'm here to touch you with knowledge.

You failed because you walked alone my friends. Yes, you walked alone. You did not have anyone there to say to you "Hey man, let's not throw those oranges." Where was your Jiminey Cricket to tell you "Hey Pinoch, perhaps sending a lock of hair to Ms. Jolie is a bad idea?"

He wasn't there, was he?

You don't have to be alone anymore. You don't have to. You can look at that mirror and know that someone is looking with you. Possibly from the shower you just left.

Who? Who will help you kill the loneliness?

The over 4000 people that have voted for Sonic in Fast Food Bracket. Fueled on juicy burgers and tots, over 4000 patriots have voted for Sonic in the Bracket. But the fight isn't over. It's not nearly over.

Sonic is in the championship. It's a three way death match between two other fast food joints and the glory that is Sonic. But Sonic is down. They are the underdog. They are the Butler of the fast food joints.

Now look in that mirror again and ask yourself: are you going to be the person you see or are you going to be the person that you want to see. It's up to you now. Be part of the team and find your redemption or continue to avoid taking showers. You don't have much time to make up your mind, the contest ends at 12:00pm central time today.

Vote here for Sonic and may god be with you.

**disclaimer: Hossmom is in advertising and this is one of her accounts. On threat of divorce she forced me to write this blog.

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  1. Thanks for the pep talk Tebow! Voted, but looks like a big hill to climb.