The Dropoff

I dropped off my xbox this morning at the UPS store so that it could be mailed back and fixed.

It was in a general box, no identifying information on it as to what it is.

The guy at the counter said: "Oh, an xbox. Make sure you have the tracking number." He was about 50

And that was it.

I find it disturbing that a random guy at the UPS store knows the look of the shipping box that Xbox uses considering that it's supposed be generic enough that it doesn't get stolen. I think it scares me because this has to happen a freaking lot for a 50 old guy to be so familiar with it.

I could use your prayers right about now.


  1. About the Dropoff.....I own a UPS Store and you have to understand, we see many of those Xbox "plain white boxes". In my store, which is located in a small town, I sometimes see up to 10 a week. So don't be too alarmed. It is just like seeing a customer walk through the door with a forest green poly bag and knowing that it is an LL Bean drop off.

  2. I think that this happens so often with Xbox that I find that disturbing. Honestly, it has to happen so much that you would know automatically what's in the box. this should be "once in a blue moon" type of thing. And Vista should work.

    Only in a perfect world:(