I got nothing today. Nadda, zip, schnell, not a damn thing. I can feel your disappointment so I offer you this filler blog.

It wasn't supposed to be this way today. This was not the way it was supposed to go. I was not supposed to offer nothing but this crap blog. I was supposed to be funny and loved by all. Instead, I am shamed by my inability.

It's not that I don't have some ideas. Nope, I've got 12 of them. But none of the stories are writing themselves. The ideas are funny. The open dialog I've had about them are funny. Even the titles are funny. Its just the bulk of the work, well, sucks big donkey balls.

Today I was supposed to write about how to be a good American. It's a Hossman Classic that finds it's roots many years ago. As a lark, I wrote a Pamphlet called How to be a Good American and not a Communist Pig. It was funny. Hell, I'm laughing about it right now.

But I can't get it down, I've lost my mojo this week. It's gone, Dr. Evil stole it.

See, even I think that line sucks and I stole it. My wife told me that about 10 minutes ago. I laughed. But when I write it all I want to do is delete it and go hide in a rabbit hole.

I write when the mood strikes me. I've deleted stuff before and then gone back, but it's not working today. When you visit this blog and don't see anything for 2 days or so, that's because everything is stuck in my head.

I could write about a ton of things. A cast of charachters about my brother. An Xbox diary about the recruiting drive. How I am my daughter's favorite toy. Ditch Swimming in Arkansas. Quitting Chewing Tobacco. Parents who bring 3 year olds to a rated R movie at midnight. Harry Potter and how freaky we are going to get on July 21st.

See, right there are a ton of ideas but nothing is coming out. I'm a hack, a guy who got too confident only to be squashed like a bug. Instead of funny I have nothing to offer you but knock knock jokes and Nuns who walk into bars. That's all I got today.

3 Nuns walk into a bar..................The 4th one ducks. That's it. That's the quality of the Hossman Family blog today.

Knock Knock
Who's there.
No one because I can't write
Thanks for stopping by, now go check some other blogs that are worth it.


  1. This was your best blog ever....

  2. I believe that I should start my own religon as I have mindless followers. I love you so much.