Editor's Note:

Helly everyone, my dear wonderful readers. I am currently on vacation but will be continueing to post, just at odd times.

Unlike most of you, I have not gone any where on my week long vacation. I am one of those people that have taken vacation to catch up on chores around the house. How can I afford to do? you may be asking yourself.

Very simply, and I am not exagerating here, I have roughly 4 months of leave saved up at work. This because I work for the goverment and even though you people don't pay me near enough, the benifits due indeed rock.

Like state holidays for example. I get LBJ's birthday off. Can anyone reading this actually know what date that is? And San Jacito day, yup, I get that off to.

But only if I remembe that day is actually a holiday. I can't tell you how many times I have shown up to find out that in fact today was a holday.

As a result, I get holiday time for it which is time and a half. But not only that, one of the other benifits of my job is that I get 10 hours of vacation and 10 hours of sick off a month. Which after 7 years begins to stock pile.

All of you people out there may be feeling a little jealous at this moment. But if you paid me 85,000 a year I would gladly give up some of my days.

But you don't so I take the days that I have. Which means that this time I have some serious chores to do.

As you can tell from the last post, we have another baby coming. The problem is that we are roughly 7 1/2 months into it and I have yet to do a single thing to get ready for it. I have done nothing. At this moment, the baby is sleeping on the couch.

So I have to build another nursery. Sure, I have one nursery already, my daughter's room who is 18 months old. But I can't take her out of there. I actually built things for her with my own hands, those are hers. Even though my next kid will get tons of hand me downs, I'm determined that he will not have to live with a dolphin shelf that my daughter loves looking at. We'll just borrow her crib while we get her a toddler bed.

My next kiddo gets his own panic superdad effort. And so for the next week I am buidling a nursery and I plan to blog about often. We went to IKEA today, jesus what a beatdown and will become it's own little blog.

Most of my posts will probably be at night and ready for you first thing in the morning.

And if you still don't want to pay me what I'm worth. Just send a nice casorole when the new baby is born and we'll call it even.

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