I've got a post up over at Daddyshome again that has been up for a couple of days. I like this one, I think it's funny. Therefore, most of you will probably hate it. Which is fine, leave comments detailing exactly what you hate about it, why it makes your innards squirm and conclude with what other topics I could write about that would make you more happy, like unicorns chasing rainbows or a how to manual on proper spelling and grammar.

But if you do happen to like it, then we are all good and we can all just hate me and not the stuff that I write. Let's face it, you could do better than me. Not the guy in the corner with the kid though, I'm the best you are going to get.

Happy reading and other new posts are due up on Wednesday and Friday of this week as we've had some adventures.

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  1. I'm good with the Daddyshome post, It's this post I hate.