I'm a Bad Father

Ok, I did it. I admit it. I dropped off my kids at a daycare for 5 hours so I could do nothing more than be lazy.

And I don't feel the least bit bad about it. There was some guilt at first but I rationalized it to myself like all good parents do. I told myself that it was important for my daughter to play with kids her own age while I went and saw a movie. I told myself that my 5 month old son needed to learn to be independent and have new experiences while I watched carnage.

That pretty much took care of all the guilt. I went and saw Rambo. There is a reason for this. Because no one in thier right mind, namely my wife, would go see this movie with me. As such, I went and saw it by myself and it was awesome.

Not the movie, the experience.

I ate a whole popcorn without anyone throwing up on me. I drank my entire coke and then used the cup as a spitton without getting any dirty looks from anyone (there were only 3 of us in there). I saw violence and gore without having to make a mad dash for some TV remote just incase my daughter was lurking around the corner. I saw boobs without any child screaming "Pablo!" in my ear. Fucking Fantastic!

It's not that I don't love my kids, sure I do. But with Hossmom gone for a month I am getting a little overwhelmed with Jack's Big Music Show and kissing every owie, including the dogs paw because my daugther was convinced that it stubbed its toe and insisted upon it.

I then went home and didn't pick up my kids. I rented a movie and watched the WHOLE thing from start to finish. No one stealing the remote while I wasn't looking and changing the channel to QVC Spanish. No one demanding Goldfish right now. No one deciding to not take a nap and instead screaming thier 5 month old head off until they are in just the right position to finally fall asleep only to have Little Hoss get up from her nap.

By far the greatest 82 dollar movie I have ever saw. (75 for the daycare and 7 for the movie.) I might do this weekly.

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