Hoss Weekend.

I'll keep this one short because I am currently packing for the first annual Hoss Weekend. This is a get together of men and only men for what men do and by that I assume we will be drinking and comparing penis size while we secretly worship Oprah.

My mother in law is taking the kids for Sat so I can go out and do what I can't really write about here because I know that my daughter will one day read this. For the record baby, Daddy didn't really want to go to the strip club.

We will start the day by all cutting our facial hair to resemble 1980's porn mustaches. We will then take a group picture at a studio wearing the appropriate attaire that comes with those mustaches. I plan to look like a Tandy PC computer salesman that only does porn on the side until I finish night school.

It appears to me that these types of manly functions were simplier in college. We would just show up some random apartment and drink until no one was sober enough to talk to the police and act sober. Now it's a tad more complicated as child care has to be arranged, pets fed and backs waxed just incase skinny dipping comes up, which it might. All hail Oprah.

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