Hoss Weekend Comes

3 years ago, in the first Hoss Weekend, we gave you the 1980's copy repair man. Complete with the 1980's mustache. For some reason, I can't find the picture.

Then 2 years ago, in the second Hoss weekend, we grew the gnarley handlebar stache. According to the Walmart chick, I had the best stache and she loved the gay biker outfit. Pay special attention to the scarf and skull & bones purse I am sporting. Of course, in this picture you can't see the jorts that I am wearing. I was ready for a good time.

And then last year, in a show of all-out beard growing, we gave you the Amish.

I do believe that PapaScrum had the best beard. We grew them for 3 months to get the look just right. We traveled home looking like that. It turned out that I looked more like a wierd gay farmer than a the "flashy Amish" that I was looking for.

And now this weekend, Hoss Weekend comes again. My outfit is picked, my beard is grown, the reservations for pictures at Walmart are confirmed. I won't ruin it for you until we get the pictures done. But I'm guessing that this one will be the most awesome. No fake beards for the people with jobs either. I fly out Friday morning so don't expect a post. But I'll have one up at Daddyshome so that should tide you over until Monday when I share with you what we have decided to go with.

This year it's going to be dirty. Very, very dirty.

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