Caption Contest

I'm sick, yet again. I always get sick. Hossmom never does. While she was out at Oscar parties I was laying in a pile of my own disgusting. I always seem to catch whatever weird microbe that the kids bring home. But the urine smell that is just radiating from the house just isn't me. We are also potty training Bubba Hoss and have been doing so for a good week. I am proud to say that I think he finally gets it. So between the dogs, me and my son I would really stay away from my house this week. Seriously, don't even drive by. The fumes will knock you unconscious and there is a possibility that you will become sterile.

So instead of writing today we are going to have a caption contest. Get your funny on people, it's time to entertain yourselves while I recover from this A-bomb of crap. And yes, this is the equivelent to me just turning on cartoons for the kids so that they will leave me alone.

Alright, here we go. Beat this caption:

"The toy aisle is the best place to pick up chicks." There, that should set the bar pretty low. Good luck!


  1. "I just got the new Apple 2e."
    "Want to come over and see my 10mb Hard Drive?"
    "I have the new microwave. And it's HOT!"
    "Betamax is going to last forever!"

  2. "That's no wallet, if ya know what I mean. Wink, wink"

  3. The pants are ribbed for YOUR pleasure.

  4. Yeah, I'm waiting in line for the pay phone so I can call myself... again.