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I'm horrible at blog maintenance. I feel that that's pretty obvious. But I've finally got my act together and created the long fabled Blog List on the lower right hand of the page.

This is the way this is going to work. If you are Hossman Cult follower, I put your blog on my blog list. I've made the start as I read a lot of my followers blogs but if I have some how overlooked yours, please let me know as I will immediately correct the mistake and then beat myself as penance for your support.

Second, take a chance in the comment section of this post to advertise your blog to others here. You don't have to be a follower to do this, it's open to every blogger who wants a little free exposure. I'll check them out as well as I am always looking for good things to read. Let's face it, reading the princess book every single night of every single day leaves me with a desire for the more adult reading. Hell, I'll even start this out by pointing out two other blogs that I contribute to.

Dad-Blogs: This is a site dedicated to dad bloggers. With over 1000 members you get a pretty wide range of stuff, from the political to the funny to the culinary. I've pimped it a little here before but let's give it it's due. It's good stuff. My column is under the heading "Full Time Dad" and you'll see mostly new posts from me there. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

KC At Home Dads: This is another blog that I write for the group of stay at home dads that I hang with. It's pretty pedestrian stuff but may have interest to the stay at home parent in general. It's a newer blog and other members of my dad's group do post from time to time and I'm trying to encourage that. It's meant to keep the group more connected with each other and leave a little something behind when we leave the groups. I blog every activity that I am a part of, giving it the thumbs up or thumbs down so that other dads can one day go there and figure out what to do with their kid when they don't have anything. On occasion I post something a little funny or off beat.

So there you go, my other two blogs. I also write something weekly for my Fantasy Football League but let's be honest, no one really wants to read that.

Take a look at what I got. Then post a comment about what you read or what you write so other people can check it out as well. And while you are at it, become a follower and then go to your own blog and pimp me out as well. I'm toying with the idea of posting something each week from someones blog on Thursdays as I usually don't write on those days. At the very least, it should give you guys some more traffic and who knows, maybe a book deal which I frankly would like see dedicated to me.


  1. Hey, thanks for pimping my blog! Love ya! I see you FINALLY became a follower over at my place as well! Nothing like the love from a brother. Afterall, I only started my blog after reading and being inspired by yours. Halloween is in 2 days and I expect some pretty good blog material to come from you! Don't let us down. Surely bubba hoss will do something unexpected and if not,..little Hoss NEVER dissapoints! BTW,..tell Hosswife I miss her and will call soon!

  2. I will definitely pimp you out on my blog. You are how I get my kicks every day! When I am starting to feel like I might run into traffic because i can't take anymore Wiggles, I read your blog and feel all better. By the way, I adore your sister and she has become my best internet friend. We have a lot in common! As for pimping my own blog, I'm not very good at that, so please everyone visit and judge for yourself! Thanks! Pimp out!

    Another favorite dad blog of mine is http://spodaddy.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks man. I have to do some maintenance on that list myself.

  4. Check these out when you get a chance: