The Friday Five

5 reasons why I wish I was Harry Potter.

5: Chicks dig scars and magic and my "find your card in my pants" trick just isn't working anymore. Technically, it's an illusion. Yes, I mean everything in my pants.

4. So I could be just like Jesus, but not in a sacrilegious way

3. So I could banish the Delores Umbridge's of my life.

2. I hurt myself a lot and it would really cut down on the medical bills if I could just point my wand and say "reparo". I've tried it and still nothing works.

1. Invisibility cloak + sorority slumber party. Do I really need to explain this one?

1 comment:

  1. To hell with your bodily injuries, the cost of repairing damages caused to your surroundings far exceeds the co-pays of your medical insurance