The Friday Five

We are going to start a new Friday article today. It will appear every Friday just to give you something to think about over the weekend. It's a list because who doesn't like lists. Everyone has a list about something. But my lists are going to be more awesome. And as every list, I hope this sparks debate. Enjoy and add your two cents.

Top 5 Most Awesome Stripper Outfits Seen in Movies

5: Ms. Jupiter in the Watchman: camel toe never looked so great or so latexy. But I gotta really ask, what superhero would actually wear those kind of things to fight crime. I would think that you would want to be able to move and that's just not what I see in latex. If I was a superhero I would wear sweet pants. And I would call them my "action pants" which would really mean I'm just freaking lazy and waiting until my next nooner with a hot fan.

4. GI Jane: stick with me on this one. Shaved head, doing one armed pushups in that little tank top and shorts. She can beat me up and then have her way with me. Ma'am, Yes Ma'am!

3. Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in Xmen: I love blue. I love blue in the morning. I love blue in the evening. I love blue when the sun shines. I love blue when the moon waxes. I love blue when it covers a model with pasties.

2. Princess Leia: Do I really need to explain this one. Hair buns never looked so good.

1. Salma Hayek in Dusk til Dawn: Sweet Jesus, lord above I can't get enough of that strip she does. I don't even care if she is a vampire that would rip my face off, I would still go to that strip club and tip her a dollar.

Notice I didn't bring in Flashdance, Striptease, or showgirls. If you comment and try to make a case for any of these you are not allowed to visit my blog anymore. Maybe flashdance, I could see that a little. But not the other too. Those weren't even good porn.

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