A Short Break

I know that a lot of my readers, I love you, have been wondering where the hell I have been the last week and a half.

I wish I had some witty story to tell you, like maybe I had to go help John Law capture someone very dangerous, but I don't. Instead, it's pretty boring.

It's move week at the Hossman Household. Tomorrow the packing finally gets kicked into high gear and the moving truck will take us to our new home in Kansas.

That's right, fucking Kansas. I will no longer be a Texan. My heart weeps a little.

The last week blog ideas and funny stories have come in and out of my head but I couldn't get time to write it as the 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 psycho cats and the actual getting ready to move thing has pretty much demanded that I talk to no one, ever.

But not to worry. Once the move is done I'll keep on writing and hope to make some changes very soon to this website to "take it to the next level" which really means I've sold out and will be hosting porn.

I'll see everyone in about 2 weeks.


1 comment:

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