I'm Back!

For two months I have been without internet access. I have had to go to many lengths to get anything posted on my blog. There may have been some prosititution, maybe some trips across the border with a package given to me at the airport that I did not keep in my possesion the whole time. I feel dirty.

But you do what you have to do man, you do what you have to do. What happens in Peter Pan's World of Midget Wresteling stays at Peter Pan's World of Midget Wrestling.

I have had to hear about my comments from other people. I have not been able to answer any of them personally. There may have been a few comments posted in the guise of me but I hope you were not fooled, I am way more funny and my words are way more attractive. Titikaka.
Easy tiger.

The preceding blog is my first post after getting back online 20 minutes ago, I hope you all enjoy it although I think that it is crap. But it sets the scene for my next several and you can't have a good story without some background, then it's just porn and I don't do porn. If I did though my name would be Johnny Whackadong and my first movie would be Johnny nails the Brady Bunch.

Enjoy and I want to say thank you for all of you that have stuck with me and my lack luster postings and low volume over the preceding months. Welcome to my new readers and I hope to embarass myself even more for your amusement as all I really want is to be loved and praised, but in secret.

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