Let's Pull A Tooth

The trick to pulling the tooth is to use dental floss. It took me a bit of time to realize this. At first we used just plain old thread, color pink of course. My daughter likes pink and if we are going to do this then by damn we are going to do this right. But the pink thread didn't work although we tried it 10 different times. It wouldn't stay on the tooth, no matter how tight I tied it on. Every time Little Hoss got up and started hopping, it would just slip off. Eventually she just ate an apple and out popped the loose tooth.

That was last week, but this weekend we are back on the horse. We will pull this tooth the right way, which means tying a string to the tooth, then to her big toe, then watching to see how long she can hop around before putting her foot on the ground. She is not graceful, much like her father, so I am pretty sure this won't take long.

Why do it this way? Why not I say! Have a little adventure in your life, do it the fun way for once for Christ's sake! That and I find myself eager to recreate memories from my own childhood from time to time. Sure, my daughter will never know the joy of trying to ride a pig or the Rocky like exercise of chasing a chicken that has escaped. On the flip side of that though she will never have to "clean" a chicken carcass which turns out is very messy and disgusting. But this I can give her, something we can both share. A memory that she will have of her early childhood, the same one that my father and I had.

I'm doing it now much the same way that my own father did. Tie a string to the loose tooth, shorten it and then tie it to the big toe. Push the child and let the madness ensue. Of course there are other variations of this tooth pulling strategy such as tying it to a door knob. Little Hoss has even come up with her own variation (I'm so proud) of tying it to the dogs collar and then throwing his ball. Her plan is well thought out and I'm sure that we will give it the old Hossman try soon.

Where is Hossmom in all of this? She's here although off to the side for a bit. She is not sure what really is going on. The puzzled look on her face soon gives way to questions, such as "What the hell?" She apparently never had fun as a child and spent her early spring days writing essays and marketing briefs. We tell her not to worry, we have a plan which is usually code for "this is going to go horribly wrong in a horrible way, get the medical card ready."

I expect to see some eye rolling at this point and then some light protests where she makes fun of my hog raising days. The word redneck will be uttered and yet will continue on.

To my utter surprise she asks us to hold on a minute while she gets the video camera. Hossmom is on board, hells yeah.

I love my wife, she continues to indulge and surprise me everyday. I know that she will have a calming affect on us, perhaps put the kibosh on future plans. But today, yes today, we are pulling a tooth as a family.


  1. You are my Hero! I've found since becoming a SAHD, one of my greatest joys is to see how far my wife's eyes can actually roll when I embrace my redneck side and relive my childhood with my little darlings.

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