Man Weekend 2012

Every year when we walk into Wal-mart for our Man Weekend pictures, I'll admit, I'm a tad bit embarrassed. The first year wasn't that bad. We had just the dirty 'stach going, no real special costumes. We just looked like a bunch of copy repair guys going to work, perhaps getting some toner.

The next year was a bit worse. The gay biker theme worked well but I wasn't prepared for all the staring. That year, some people actually quickly walked away from us rather than talk to us. Members of our group always like to try and talk to some random people while we are there. Most times its funny. That year I was prepared to be hit with a purse.

The Amish year was a totally different experience. Apparently we pulled it off so well that people looked at their feet when we were around and then quickly turned as soon as we passed. We actually got asked what the deal was with barn raising.

And last year was embarrassing but it was because most people seemed to think we were some pedophiles.

This year however, may have taken the cake in all levels. The embarrassment factor was high, very high. Higher than the year that I wore a pair of nut-hugging cutoffs. 10 of us walking in, looking like we did, then doing our walk around Wal-mart buying eggs, beer and toilet paper.

But something was different this year. People were not running away from us, people were running towards us. WTF? This isn't normal. However, it appears that the good people of Granbury, Tx just can't get enough of their Elvis.

As soon as we got out of the cars, all 10 of us dressed in our best white jump suits (most of us anyway), we were besieged with picture requests. Cars stopped in the aisles, cameras ready, screaming for Elvis. If this is what a bunch of fake fat Elvis get I can't imagine what it was like for the King.

We couldn't go 10 feet without taking a picture. Families, kids, grownups: all wanted a picture with the Wal-mart Elvis. As we took our walk of shame in the store, it didn't let up. As we took our pictures, people lined up just right outside to see our hi-jinks.

At our post picture lunch, the waitresses globbed over us. Other patrons constantly came over telling us about how much they love Elvis. Honestly, after 2 hour so this, we basically just wanted to eat and go back to the lake house to drink. But we were Elvis, and Elvis signs the autographs for the people.

I will admit, this might have been our best year ever for Man Weekend. Out outfits were pretty great. A hodgepodge of Elvis related themes. Although let's be honest of what we had. We had 7 white jumpsuit Elvis, 1 terminator Elvis who was going for jailhouse rock Elvis, one Elvis 3.0 japanimation, and one creepy 1970's music director, the outfit just didn't come together.

I imagine that sooner or later, we will end up on The People Of Walmart.

Enjoy Man Weekend 2012. Next year, oh next year, we have something special lined up.

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