Hoss Weekend

At the end of February every year, we have a nice little get together. Just a small one. Nothing really happens. Then we go home. Really not much. And we grow some facial hair. And take pictures. At Walmart. Then go to lunch.

Really, it's quite innocent.

There are a few rules to Hoss Weekend, but just a few. First off, no significant others. This is why we hold it at the end of February. It's after Valentines day, far off from any holidays. No birthdays, anniversaries or anything else that would prevent us from being manly men with manly facial hair. We even have our gay dude come but he has to leave his better half at home. This is a weekend without spouses, no exceptions.

Rule two is also simple, grow facial hair in this years theme. Should we take a look back at some of our past moments? I think so. We will also have to start with year 2 of Hoss weekend as I can't find a digital copy of our first year. Our first year of course was the basic mustache. Then we got creative.

This was actually year two of Hoss Weekend. The theme that year was Handlebars and this is what we came up with. I went with a nice handkerchief and man bag to complete my look. And of course I had on cut off jeans to complete the sexy look that I was going for. This year I think we actually scared some people.

Year three I thought we really pulled out all the stops and went full bore. The Amish look was difficult to pull off but I think that this picture truly captures all the awesome of it that year. I grew that beard for 3 months to be able to get the look I wanted. But let's be honest here, some guys went full on. One even bought Amish clothing from Amish people. You will also notice the fake beards in this photo. Sadly, some can't grow the extreme facial hair because they are boys.

Year 4 brought out some of our best with the Pencil Thin Mustache. I was going for a 1970's porn producer and I think it worked well with the massively orange shirt. This is our "Blue Steel" look. I thought the photographer was going to run out screaming after this one.

Now it is year 5, what is left to be done that hasn't be done before?

Well, that's the surprise, isn't it? But I will leave you with a little teaser. My outfit is ready to go. It is awesome. There is a good chance that we may be arrested or at least kicked out of the restaurant at our post portrait meal. But I think it will be awesome, maybe the most awesome we have ever done.

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures, and hear about the aftermath from HossMom's Point of View :)