The End Of An Era.

The team is breaking up, our run is at it's end. It was a good streak. We conquered many, vanquished all who opposed us and now we walk away. We walk away knowing that for the past three years, we have kicked mucho ass.

Little Hoss is starting kindergarten and we cannot follow. She has to rock this one solo. I know she's ready for it, but am I?

Three years and no schedules. We did what we wanted, when we wanted. Museum on a Monday morning? Done. When will be back? Sometime. Hey, who wants to go camping on a Thursday. We do. In fact, while we are there, we may decide to stay an extra day or two because we can.

We had freedom and in that freedom we built a bond. A bond that a man must build with his minions. She learned important things like going to the grocery store on a Monday morning means no waiting in lines. The best time to use a nail gun is Monday through Friday but we have to stop by 3 in case Hossmom decides to come home early.

But that has to stop now because now we have a schedule. Her higher education is calling and it's a call that she must answer without us. I don't think I would do very well in a kindergarten class, I would eat all the snacks. She has to leave the house early in the morning to catch the bus in her brand new barbie back pack. She is going to wave at me as she climbs the steps. I might even get a kiss blown to me. And then she'll be gone and I'll be here.

Maybe I'll go to a musuem although I'm not sure how people handle going to musuems without worrying about crayon being put on a priceless painting. That doesn't sound all that challenging. What's the point? If I don't have to explain where that hand print came from on the Monet, I just don't know what I'll do there.

I'm not forgetting about my son. Sure, he's going to keep me busy. I suppose if he can fit me into his preschool schedule a couple days of the week and if I have a pop tart ready. He's a good kid, always ready to hang out with dad. And we will. But the team won't be the same. Our big arm got called up to the show.

Hossmom is suggesting that I start some projects around the house. Perhaps I will and then add the glitter to it myself just for nostalgic purposes. Maybe I'll give my son the drill and turn my back on him for a little bit just to mix things up. But he's a good boy and loves drills. He would probably just finish the project for me without adding any extra holes.

Little Hoss is saying that she is a little bit scared to go to kindergarten. I haven't told her that I am to.

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