A little while ago an article came out in Time Heathland titled "Stay At Home Dad's More Likely To Divorce." This article was based on a study done by a professor in sociology at Ohio State University. You can imagine that this caught my attention and the boys over at Daddyshome.

After reading the article and also the study on which it was based, it is clear that the headline is complete and total bullshit with connections made where none exist or where studied.

Now I can sit here and rail away at this douchebagery but I'm promised myself not to. Mainly because I'm sure alot of "mother fuckers" would be droped and after all, this is a family blog. Besides, how many people can I tell to fuck off in one year? I might be reaching my quota.

However, the president of Daddyshome, Al Watts, has written a response to this article on behalf of all SAHD's and I think it's pretty damn good. It's a reasoned response that doesn't use one cuss word. None at all.

Head over to Daddyshome today and take a read. Leave a comment, maybe even cuss a little. But atleast get the full story before deciding that being a stay at home dad is the worst thing to happen to society since Mcdonald's hot coffee.

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