A Teaser and a Friday Five

Rarely do I give any previews of what I am going to write from week to week but this one is a little bit different. Next week I start a series of one related story.

A while ago I and the other SAHD's were approached by a producer working for a network about the possibility about doing a reality show on the life of a stay at home dad. What I will be writing next week will be a three part series of that. I haven't posted it before now because I was asked not to by the producer. But now we are good to go. So come back on Monday and I'll tell the stories and how I embarrassed Hossmom on camera as well as the other stories about the entire experience.

And now, you're Friday Five.

5 Nicknames I would like to be known as when I make it to the big time and they eventually do an E true Hollywood story on me.

5: T-bone Hossman.

4. Hossman the Stache.

3. Little Hoss and the Fat Man

2. Mr. Mom, the asskicking bazooka toting 6th member of the A-team.

1. John McClain or Hans Grueber, either one works.


  1. Okay, let's be honest here. #1? I think we're talking Sgt. Al Powell, wise-cracking, twinkie-loving cop. As for the teaser, can't wait!

  2. hook my SAHD up! I needs the world to see me!