Because I love Her

Why? Why, why, why, why, why? About what? I have no idea because I'm tired of answering the question. But that won't stop Little Hoss from asking it. She'll ignore my silence as easily as I will ignore her question. the fact that she is getting no answer does not seem to phase her at all. She'll just keep on asking until I answer or my ears bleed, whichever one entertains her more at the time.

It's about everything. Everything in the known universe. It really doesn't matter what.

Me: We have to get in the car, honey.
Her: But why?
Me: We have to go to the store.
Her: But why?
Me: To get food, honey.
Her: But how?
Me: By getting in the car.
Her: But why?
Me: To get food.
Her: But why?

As you can see from the example, it turns into a never ending cycle of two questions, why and how. I suppose I should be grateful of her inquisitive mind and I was for about 2 months or so. But I looked closer and I noticed something. Her asking how or why had become a reflex. Like breathing. Breath in, why? Breath out, How? She didn't care about the answer and she won't ever stop. Ever.

But I am an awesome dad and as such I find a learning opportunity in everything. And it's all based on a very simple fact: Good parenting is all a string of well told lies that brainwash your children to think exactly like you do. Don't believe me? then you give me one good and valid reason why we can't have peanut butter and jelly with cookies for breakfast? Aha! Of course we can, in reality it makes no difference! My point is proven.

So this is what I did at the next series of questions.

Me: It's cold, honey.
Her: But why?
It's because of the Philadelphia Eagles honey.

But why?
Well honey, they hate Cowboy fans and wish us nothing but the worst. They hate winners honey but they hate Cowboy winners most of all. And that's why we can't go outside as it is -7. Sure, I want to go sledding too but the Eagles fans just won't let us.

But How?
It's there hate honey. It springs from their Arctic hearts and sweeps down here and that's how come it's so cold.

But why?
Well honey, they made a pact with the Redskins and a few other teams. Their all called the NFC East honey. And together their hatred of us Cowboy fans just gets worse and worse. It's been going on for a very long time honey, since before you were born.

Buty Why?
Because we're winners honey. Things are bigger and better in Texas and they resent that. But that's not all honey, there's more.

But Why?
It's the big 12 too baby. You see, your dad went to Texas Tech and they hate them to. I know, it's hard to hear, but we are persecuted at every corner. And it gets worse baby. Come closer to daddy. I should hug you when I tell you this. They got Mike Leach fired too baby. Don't cry, it's going to be ok. The great Pirate Messiah is gone.

But How?
Wild accusations about player mistreatment baby. It was all trumped up as an excuse that UT and A&M got started because they got made we kept beating them like a rented mule. Like getting locked in an electrical closet qualifies as mistreatment in Texas Football. He's lucky he didn't have to find the nearest switch tree for a come to Jesus meeting. Oh yes, trust me, those really exist in Texas. It's the whole big 12 and the NFC east baby. In fact, they are to be blamed for everything you want to do but can't. They are the reason it's -balls freezing outside.

And now she looks at me. The questions have stopped. This is the way it's done. It's called good parenting an dis the reason why my entire family is a Cowboy fan. Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters. All of them. You don't want to see our facebook pages on gameday.

My wife hates this and rolls her eyes. She went to University of Texas, so she would. But you know what, it takes work to brainwash fandom into children and she makes no effort. She talks about the bond of trust between parent and child. Honesty is the key.

It's obvious no one loved her enough to lie to her.

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