The Friday Five

5 Things Heard On Children's TV That When Taken Out of Context, Mean Something Totally Else.

5. "This grass doesn't taste right." That's right Deigo, it tastes weird. Put it in some brownies, see if that helps.

4. "Come over here and sit on my lap." I used that very line at a strip club just last week.

3. "Momma needs some boom boom." Yup, this was actually said and I laughed my ass off.

2. "A woman with a tail." It's called a freak show kids, come inside and see the other wonderful oddities that we have! Guaranteed to scar you for life.

1. "Can we tie her up with a rope." S&M on early morning cartoons. Now that's what I'm talking about.


  1. Perhaps you should re-think what your kids watch... I make mine watch home improvement shows, I figure they can at least pick up some skills.

  2. Momma needs some boom boom? What cartoon was that?