Captain's Log

I write this as my son is screaming his head off. I'm counting how many times he has screamed "Daddy" in the last 10 minutes. We are up to 3,456. Quite an accomplishment considering that he can't really talk yet. He doesn't want to go to bed. I don't want to leave the comfort of my chair. It's 8:40 man, I'm done. So we are in a battle of wills. Will he cry himself out before I lose it and go up and try to put him back to bed. It's going to be a close call, he's turing out to be pretty strong willed. Officially, I'm teaching him self reliance and sticking to the routine which makes for a healthier child and a better relationship with his family. Unofficially I'm not moving a damn inch because I took them to the pool for 4 and 1/2 hours today and I'm beat.

That's right, while you were at work, I was rocking it at the pool. I was working on my sunburn. It's come in very nicely this year.

With that said, it is long overdue for this family to take a vacation and that is exactly what we are doing next week. We are going North my good friend.

Hold on, now my daughter is telling me that my son has a big owie.

Anyway, we are going to Wisconsin to see some cheese and the family up there that worships it. Uncle Bricksalesman will be with us as well so I am hoping to convince him to spend time with his niece and nephew while I take off with Uncle Larry and get drunk.

So this will be my last post this week and I'll see everyone in July.

Dry your eyes dear ones, I'll be back with a whole bunch of good stories to tell you about. I'm hoping to have my daughter do some cow tipping.


  1. Just want to add this little addendum to this blog. I broke, I went up to get my son.

    He was "hopping mad" once again. Actually jumping up and down. He was jumping up and down so much that he was sweating.

    I lose.

    Until you go to prom and I great your date in my underwear with Cheetohs gunk on my stomach hair. Suck on that one pal. I'm writing it down right now and putting it in my wallet. Revenge is sweetest when it's against your children.

    If Hossmom doesn't get home quick I'm going on vacation by myself.

  2. Have a good vacation and keep an eye out for a "bribe" to keep posting. i am sending it via scrum mom's sister - to scrum mom - to you...

  3. dont forget the cheese curds... MMM