A Story By The Children

Often times my daughter comes up to me and asks me what I am writing.  Then before I can answer she starts pushing buttons and then runs away.  She will come back and we will continue this routine until she gets tired of it and decides to break something instead, like her brother.

Well, today we are trying something a bit different.  I'm handing the reins of the blog over to her.  What follows is her story, verbatim.

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From here on out, I think I will be doing the typing.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy playing Mario Cart in the toy room.  He had brown eyes and was wearing a shirt.  He had brownish yellowish skin and his name was Bubba Hoss and he had brown hair.  He was driving Bowser and he was going awesome fast.   He was hitting his chest.  No he wasn't hitting his chest.  He was doing it like this (he is showing me now).  He was being Donkey Kong Bowser.  He was facing the T.V. and he walked backwards and he fell.  He fell over the scooter which was in the middle of the toy room.  I forgot to put it away (Little Hoss).  He hit his foot on the scooter and went to get a drink.  I didn't see my owie right there.  Um, he hurt his foot.  We thought he needed stitches.  His foot was bloody.  The bloody was right over here (pointing at his heel).  He cried really bad and then he screamed really bad.

Daddy came and helped and so did Little Hoss.  And then Bubba Hoss had a really, really bad owie.  We put him on the counter and got a wipe.  Daddy looked at the owie.  Daddy told Little Hoss to put the scooter away.  Daddy was mad but he calmed down.  Daddy was mad because Little Hoss left the scooter on the floor again (this is a constant battle here in this house).  Then we called Mom and told her that we had to go to the doctor to see if he needed stitches.  Bubba Hoss was hurting really bad.  Then Hossmom came home and we went to the hospital because Bubba Hoss got a really bad owie on his foot.

So we went to the hospital.  That's a lot of words we have Daddy.  We saw the doctor and he looked at Bubba Hoss's foot.  He was crying (Bubba Hoss not the doctor).  He was scared if he got stitches.  No, he was really scared because he was afraid to go to the doctor.  Little Hoss told him to be brave like Daddy.  Dad, I was afraid to go to the doctor because I didn't want stitches.  The doctor looked at his foot and the doctor said he didn't need stitches.  And he didn't need any pokes (a shot), nope.

So the doctor gave Bubba Hoss goop and a special bandage.  Then we came home.  We relaxed.  Little Hoss had to clean up the color room and then Little Hoss and Mom went to the pool.  Bubba Hoss could not go because he had an owie.  And Daddy carried Bubba Hoss to the couch.

The End.

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