A Vote For Hossman Is a Vote for Freedom

Alright Cult, it's time to see if we can mobilize. Maybe we can, maybe we can't. I'm not really sure.

It appears that I have been nominated for one of the top 25 dad blogs. But it's a competition. Your blog receives votes, you move up the list. The current leader has about 2000 votes. I'm ambitious but I'm also realistic. We may not be able to reach 2000 votes. But I would bet dollars to donuts (thanks for that one grampa) that we can crack the top 25 and be named one of the top 25 dad blogs.

You see, I write this thing for free. And it's not easy. There's a lot of work that goes into writing this stuff, it takes a lot of time. It's not all that easy to throw donuts at your children every other morning so you can have ten minutes to write about how you throw donuts at them every morning.

Everyone seems to enjoy it. One fan actually gave me a 5 dollar gift card a while ago thus ruining my amatuer status with the NCAA.

From time to time though, I need to be re-energized. This is the kind of thing that does that.

So if you enjoy the blog and like reading it, help a fella out.

Go to Circle of Mom Top 25 Dad Blogs, click here, and find the Hossman Chronicles. You can vote more than once so if you get a chance, find the NYC Dad's Blog and Daddyshome and give them a vote to.

Then tell your spouse to go to their work computer and ask them to vote to. Stand over their shoulder until they do it. You've got parents? Call them and tell them to vote. Got a friend that owe's you a favor? Time to call it in.

Tweet it, that would be helpful. Put it up on your facebook, that would rock.

Show me the love, give me a little payback for all the stories you've read over the years. If we can just make the top 25, I will feel vindicated that perhaps this thing can go somewhere.

But if you don't, and I know some of you will not, then you automatically get nominated to baby sit Little Hoss. I'll drop her off with a bag of permanent markers and a hammer. If you value your home, I would go vote if I were you. Like, right now. Circle Of Moms Top 25 Dad Blogs


  1. I voted for you and I posted it on my Facebook! So, please, take me off the babysitting list. I have enough trouble of my own. ;)

  2. Thanks Amo! For the rest of you, I just bought Little Hoss some glitter and purple glue. She will be coming to your house on Friday should you choose not to vote.

  3. I am pleased to say that I AND my wife have been voting for you daily.
    She just got the latest Little Hoss visit cleaned up. (I think that was a month ago.)
    We are done.