It Figures

A little while ago I posted a blog that told the story of me fixing my daughter's child proof scissors. I ended that blog by saying that one day I would pay for such and act but it would be worth it because I am my daughter's hero.

Well, that loan was called in.

Honestly, I thought that she would trim the dog up a little bit or perhaps take a chunk of hair out of my wife illustriious locks. But the dog is just a dog, so I didn't worry about that one so much and my wife has tons and tons of hair so I doubted she would even notice.

What I didn't realize though, and what I should have immediatly realized, was that she would take a chunk out of her own hair. WTF?! Seroiusly, that is a rookie mistake. I got so caught up thinking she would do something to someone else, I completly ignored the one thing that happens so often to little children that it has actually become a cliche.

My Little Hoss cut off a huge portion of her hair on her left side.

I'll admit, becaue apparently I'm not that observant, I really didn't notice so much at first. My daughter has a lot of hair like her mother, and honestly I'm a guy, how often do we notice when a woman gets her hair cut.

But when I found the huge chunk on the floor while I was cleaning, I examed her more closely and found where it was supposed to go. At first, I thought that those few strands sticking up were just some gunk in her hair and it had got matted. No such thing as those few strands where all that was left and will be used as proof when Hossmom realizes she can do WAY better than me.

I hoped no one would notice. And to my credit, most of the guys didn't. However, every single woman that came into contact with my daughter not only noticed but acuatlly commented on it.

My wife of course knew as soon as she walked in as I knew she would. It did cross my mind to somehow glue the hair back on before she got home, perhaps throw some gum in there so that Hossmom would have to cut it out and therefore take the blame. But I'm lazy.

The next day Little Hoss had a doctor's appointment. The receptionist commented on it. 2 nurses commented on it and of course the doctor commented on it. I spent most of my morning explaining what happened and finally just started handing out the address to the blog because I was tired of telling the same story over and over again.

The check out lady at the grocery store commented on it. The lady at the movie store commented on it. I received a letter from my mother commenting on it.

Am I the only one that didn't notice right away??

So there you go, Karma strikes again.