Not So Fast

I have been thinking that I have been turning into a little bit of a sissy. Discussing and doing things that perhaps I wouldn't normally do, such as wondering what my horseshoe hair would look like with highlights.

As a stay at home dad raising a daughter and a son, this can be difficult. Am I turning a little too sissy? Is my mangina fully and completely formed and am I transferring that to my children? Are they going to be wimps, whining at the drop of the hat?

There's my son who seems to have a problem taking a punch from his older sister. And my daughter who I used to think was pretty tough until she started demanding ever princess toy ever made by Disney. We are singularly responsible for keeping that company from feeling the effects of the recession.

I've always been a pretty tough character, at least in my own head. In Mexico once, a bunch of us tried to prove how manly and tough we were by grabbing a live car battery and holding on until there was only one left. The little Mexican dude kicked up the juice higher and higher. First there were six, then there was only Hossman. Now you know how I got the nickname and the stutter.

So in the year that I have stayed home with the kids, this has been somewhat of an adjustment for me.

Will my kids turn out to be somewhat light in the toughness department?

The answer to this question came at one of our playgroups. A couple of stay at dads and I were hanging out, letting our little girls play in the other room.

We heard some ruckus in the other room so we went to check it out.

There were our three little girls, all under the age of 3, running back and forth. Two of them appeared to be chasing the other. The other had a football cradled in her arm. Hand over one end of it and the other neatly nestled appropriately in the elbow.

Back and forth they went, trying to tackle each other.

Yup, we are all good here in the Hossman household.

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