The AC guy came yesterday. I almost fell on my knees and offered him a hand job to fix my AC. I explained that I'm not to good but that I would give it my best shot.

He fixed my AC anyway.

And how do you fix it? Why, you crank up the heat to 90 fucking degrees. That's the fix. In order to cool down we had to sweat some more for a day.

God hates me but finds me very entertaining.


  1. ummm. You have yet to recognize one of the values of the basement - it is relatively cool even in the hottest months. Set up an old comfortable chair (go to Good Will if you have not accumalted a disgard from the living room) get the kids riding toys and bring them downstairs and set up shop with a good book and lemonade!

  2. so.. was the coil frozen over.. isn't that usually a sign of a leak in it?
    B Holt