I See You

I just spent the last half hour looking at all my friends houses on Yahoo maps. The satalite feature is the tool to use for the stalker of the new millineum. Were you naked back there, did you feel prying eyes glaring at you. No worries, it was just me, your good old friend Hossman.

Doesn't this bring a whole nother thing to the term "Big Brother"? I mean come on, what's to stop Al-Queda from scooping out my house?

Oh, right, I'm massively boring and there is no way that they would want to attack me.

But I bring a bigger quesiton to you: If not some extremist America hating terriorist jihadist, then what about the x-girlfriend.

I put this to you: I am more terrified of vindictive x-girlfriends than I am of Al-Queda, on a personal level anyway.

I mean seriously, they scare me. They scare me because x-girlfriends are usually crazy and love nothing better than to wish you the worst. Oh, they say they wish you the best but that's a lie. What they really wish for you is to loose an appendage and then get busted in some child porn ring so you spend the rest of your life calling Bubba the Cellmate "lover".

That's what they wish for you and with satalite maps being able to scope out my house and backyard they can use this information to facilitate a frame job, AKA O.J. Simpson.

Next thing you know the FBI is raiding your house and shooting your vicious shitzu because it was attacking. Is this really what we want? C'mon, where is the ralling cry?

Until that happens, for those hot sexy ladies interested including x-girlfriends, I will be doing some nude sun bathing in my backyard from 3 to 4 pm. Please remember to share your bandwidth.

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