I've got Nothing

Ok, I'll admit it. I got nothing. I'm sitting here trying to write something funny and witty and I got a big old bag of crap. It's just not coming. Little Hoss and I went to the zoo last week and saw two camels getting it on. They had more creativity going on that I can muster and I have no idea why.

Is it wrong to let your two year old watch two camels doing what animals do? I had no idea at the time so I just told her the camels were being silly but the kangeroos were just around the corner. That's how dad handles the big issues in this house, deflect deflect deflect and then let Hossmom answer them later. I plan to handle it the same way when I'm asked where babies come from and if dogs go to heaven.

But maybe I should stick with the old dad stock lines and lie my ass off. Babies come from storks and dogs get to Heaven before everyone else. But not cats, they are the devils minions and they torment me by pissing once again on my fucking big chair. I swear to god I'm going to throw my cat in the camel pen next time we go to the zoo and let the camels get silly with her. At which point, she'll just puke in the middle of my floor so I'll slip and slide in it like a 6 year old fat kid going last down the slip and slide. And yes, that is a visual from my past. I had to go last because they said that I would make a little ditch in the slip and slide and they would have to smooth it out. They were in cohoots with my cat.

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