We are finally jut about done with all the unpacking in our new house. By that I mean that I personally have decided that if there are any more fucking boxes they can stay packed, I'm not touching them. I have received some surprises of the crap that was packed. This is stuff that was actually paid for to move. It was lifted, cared for, stored and eventually brought back out. For your amusement:

  • A plastic box that I meant to throw away before it was packed because the cat kep ttaking a piss in it. It was in the garage. Yes, that's right, the box and the enclosed piss were packed. Both survived and arrived at our new house with no problems.

  • 5 VHS tapes from the early 80's. They weren't even good tapes.

  • The cat. Why did we bring evil with us?

  • A piece of wood from my old fence. What the fuck?

  • A trashcan with the garbage still in it after I was assured that when you pay people to pack for you that they wouldn't pack the garbage.

  • No less 5 used dip cans. Sounds gross, it was. The tops were still on them though.

  • One shoe. I have no idea where the other one is.

  • Dirty laundry. Ok, this is more my fault but we didn't unpack that box for 2 months. Good times. Nothing like bringing ebola with you.

  • The cat. Again I ask, why.

  • Several DVD cases with no DVD's in them.

  • A dildo. No, just kidding on that one. We threw that away before the movers came. However, not the small collection of porn that they packed. That they found. I don't want to know what the movers thought of me. "Tricked" is a great flick by the way.

  • The diaper champ witht he diapers still in them. Again, this goes back tot he not packing garbage thing.

So now you know why I am finished unpacking. Especially the cat.

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