The Experiment

Each man’s life is defined by a series of important events. These events may not seem to have any significance to anyone but the person that they happen to but these events mold our minds and personalities until what you are left with is a 32 year old Adonis blogger who is bald.

Some are your personal victories, no matter how small, that have somehow given you that drive to be who you are. Some are the failures that you wish would hide away forever so that you can forget that you were ever that screwed up. Maybe the events that shape you are embarrassing moments that you will always remember but others forget shortly. Or maybe some of these events are so mundane that no one even thought about them in the first place besides you.

Either way, these are the experiences that make each of us unique and shape our outlook on life. When recounting such things, they can be painful as you look back and wonder how you were ever such a dumbass in the first place. You may see yourself in a more pathetic light than what you portray now. But deep down, you still have to own up to what you did or what happened. This is what makes your victories sweeter. And life is about the victories. The big or the small, that’s what we all strive for.

I’m going to try a little experiment over the next week, beginning at 4:00pm today. I’m going to get some of my victories, failures or other events that I believe have affected me over the years. I invite all of my readers to leave tidbits of their own stories in the comments section. Or, if you wish to truly go all out and write 3 pages worth, email them to me and I will post them with your permission. At the very least our collective Oh Crap moments will serve as daily entertainment to everyone else as they muddle through their work week looking for something to distract them from responsibility.

My email is Zounka@hotmail.com, send what you got when the topic is up and running.

And as a teaser, as my advertising wife says works, today’s story is titled “The Lesbians.”

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