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Hossmom got home very late last night. She spent the next hour telling me about the couple sitting in front of her that brought their dog on the plane. Early 30's couple, hip, that loved to talk to their dog in baby voices. Hossmom had to vent or she was going to track them down and throw diapers at their head. But seriously, what kind of best in show couple bring a dog on a 3 hour flight?

As a result though, I didn't write anything. But don't despair, I've got something for you today. It's more of a helpful hint type of thing.

Go to Daddyshome and check out the post about Garage Sales tips. I'm an idiot when I go to garage sales and am totally willing to pay 50 bucks for a dress. It's hard to find them in my size. But the article is good and written by a friend, so check it out.

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