Where is my daughter, I'm ready for her to get home.  There are things to do, lots and lots of things to do.  There is volleyball to talk about and there is soccer to go to.  I have a class I need to get to and I want her to read what I have written.  Come home Little Hoss, play with me!

Bacon Hoss is no good for this type of stuff.  He won't laugh at my writing mainly because he can't read at all.  I find this a deficiency in his education.  I blame Hossmom.  And he's loud a lot.  He's loud all the time.  I get it, though, he has to be loud to compete with the other two while I sit back on my golden throne and watch the children compete for my attention.  Dance you monkeys, dance for Daddy's entertainment.

He keeps me busy, though, we are busy a lot.  I'm feeling that I'm becoming forgetful and I know why.  The more I add to my plate the harder things get.  This is not a shock, not a shock at all.  In 8 years of being an at home dad, the kids and house have been my focus.  And donuts, I have done a lot of focusing on donuts as well.  The kids are still my focus but my youngest is now in preschool twice a week.  Another year and a half he will be in full-time school himself and then Dad will be all alone

So sure, there needs to be some prep work to be put in so that when all my kids leave me I'm not a sad pile of meth addiction and divorce papers.  My focus has grown because of this.  Writing classes and groups are now mixed in with soccer practice, field trips, and adventures.  That's a lot of focus.  If my daughter would hurry up and get home from school she could help me focus.

I get a phone call.  It's the kid's school.  I am a little concerned, school ended 30 minutes ago.  I answer the phone.  It's Donna, the school's secretary.  I know donna because over the last 5 years my kids have forgotten lunch boxes, uniforms, homework and pretty much everything else.

"Little Hoss is under the impression that you were supposed to pick her up today because she had to bring her cello.  She's here at the office waiting for you."

Crap.  Crap, crap, crap.

Little Hoss is right.  I drove her to school this morning because her cello needed to be tuned.  That mahogany whale of an instrument cannot be taken on the bus.  I'm sitting here right now waiting for the bus and for my daughter to get home.  She's not coming home.

I need to focus on being a better parent.  

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  1. You mean, we're not supposed to forget them at places? Dammit.