The Friday 5

5 Reasons why the new movie, The A-Team, scares me.

5. Because of the movie Transformers. Being my age, I grew up with Transformers. So when a movie came out, I was honored bound to see it. It was an attempt to recapture my childhood. I took the day off work to see it. The whole theater was a bunch of 30 somethings in khaki pants and collared shirts. The movie sucked. I want my money back. Is the A-team going to break my heart as well?

4. Can anyone play B.A. Baracas other than Mr. T? I'm sorry man, I don't know if I can buy it.

3. In the 80's, a van of that type was cool. Black and even a tail fin. Come on man, how awesome was that thing. But can it translate to 2010? God I hope so but I"m afraid it won't. Now it might mean that your neighborhood pedofile is stuck in the 80's.

2. Will Murdoch be as crazy as the original and then go on to be a spokesman for Pepsi. (look that one up guys.)

1. Because I will go see it no matter what the reviews will say. I'm a slave to my past. I have idolized my childhood somehow and strive to believe that things will be just as cool now as they were back then. Even though I know that I will be disappointed I do not care. I have to try. There will be no stopping me. I am going to throw my money away and that's just the way it has to be. G.I. Joe, saw it. Transformers, saw it. If they make a movie based on One Day At A Time, I'm screwed.


  1. 1. I said to my wife just the other day that the best thing about the a-team movie is that someone is going to be pressured to fill mr. t's shoes. Secondly, if valerie bertinelli is in the ODAT movie, I'm there too.

  2. I think it will suck. The TV show was my favorite (along with Riptide and Crazy like a Fox, the Dukes of Hazzard and The Incredible Hulk...and Scarecrow and Mrs. King, The Loveboat, Hart to Hart...I think I watched too much TV as a kid), and that is why I can't see the movie. It will ruin it for me. I never saw the Dukes of Hazzard movie b/c no one, in my opinion, can fill any of their shoes. And even though Daisy, Bo, and Luke were cousins, I wanted one of them to date her. I didn't see the point of all those pretty people on one show and none of them were gettin together.