Damn it!

We don't say damn it dad.

Well Shit then.

We don't say shit either dad.

Well baby, this time it's ok. That guy is being a shithead.

We don't say shithead dad.

No, no kiddo. This one and only time it's ok to say shithead.

No daddy! We don't say damn it and shithead.

But this guy is being so stupid! For chirst sakes, look at him!

We don't say stupid dad.

Dumb then.

We don't say dumb either dad.

Since when?

Mommy says that we don't say dumb daddy.

Oh, if Mommy says we don't then I guess we don't. Shit.

We don't say shit.

Thank you honey. I stand corrected. But if this guy would just MAKE THE STUPID TURN already we could go!

We don't say stupid turn daddy.

What? I can't say stupid turn?

No daddy.

Ok then. What can't I say again?

We can't say stupid, shit, shithead, shit booty, stupid, poopie head and fartie head and damn it.

That's quite a list we got going on there.

Yes daddy.

Well, what can I say?


Shux?? I don't imagine you can spell that for me later, can you?

No daddy.

Well, shux then. This shux head is about to get a shuxing horn if he doesn't start paying shuxing attention and actually make the shuxing turn.


Yes honey.

Ki Lan says calm down. (deep breaths follow)

Ki Lan can shux off.

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  1. I think you forgot Fuck, God Damn it, and Dang, 'cause it sounds like Damn,